UP PGT & TGT Exams 2018

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We provide coaching for UP PGT & TGT Exams in Lucknow for some of the subjects.


The UP PGT exams have a tough syllabus which is generally as high as 80% of UGC NET Syllabus for the same subject. We plan to provide 3 month coaching programe for PGT with classes 5 days a week. This will be of special interest to aspirants from districts in eastern UP looking for PGT coaching in Lucknow.

Athena Multiskills provides coaching for PGT in Lucknow for some of the subjects given below

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Sanskrit
  • Commerce
  • History
  • Sociology
  • Political Science
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Visual Arts
  • Education
  • Psychology
  • Home Science
  • Military Science
  • Logic

The fees for the standard 3 month program with total 60 sessions of 90 minute each is Rs 12,000/-. The registration is to be done with Rs 8,000/- and the balance Rs 4,000/- is to be paid within 1 month of registration.

For 2 students joining together there is a rebate of 10% in fees. For 3 upto 5 students joining together the rebate is 20%. For 6 students joining together the rebate is 30%.

The timing of the classes cannot be determined in advance it would be decided on the convenience of the majority of the students registering for a particular subject, as well as on the availability of the domain expert (guest faculty) concerned to take lectures for all such groups.

Normally PGT courses would commence with registration by at least 5 students and payment of fees by them, individually or in groups as mentioned above.

We provide coaching bilingually for PGT in all the subjects. We expect the PGT aspirants to have good conceptual knowledge of their own respective subject. It is not possible for us to start with the basics for the PGT subjects in the limited timeframe of 3 months. Therefore, we would like to give priority to those students who, at the time of registration for PGT, are able to demonstrate their conceptual familiarity with the subjects included in the PGT syllabus. We reserve the right to decline admission to PGT aspirants who, in our considered opinion, may not be able to come up to the standards expected of successful candidates.

TGT Exams

We provide coaching for all TGT subjects as far as the UP TGT examination Pattern is concerned.

The TGT examination pattern envisages that the TGT aspirants should have good general awareness. But, in our experience most of the TGT aspirant are not in the habit of even reading newspapers regularly to build up their general knowledge.

It will not be possible for TGT aspirants to pass the examination unless they improve their general awareness levels as per the TGT syllabus. That is why the coaching for TGT exams is in a way more difficult than for PGT exams.

Our Coaching fees for TGT exams is the same as for PGT exams. The Fees for 3 month TGT course is Rs 12,000 and for a 2 month TGT course is Rs 8,000.

Rebates are given for TGT aspirants joining in groups of 3 or more.

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