Athena Multiskills is an educational consultancy based in Vivek Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow. It is very different form other coaching centers in that the focus is not on building large batches but on providing coaching customized to meet individual requirements.

The academic examinations are getting tougher by the day. The aspirants for these examinations come with varying levels of skill sets and diverse academic exposures. Putting all such aspirants together in one batch may provide immediate financial benefit to the coaching center concerned in terms of economies of scale. But it correspondingly erodes the chances of many of the aspirants to crack the exam because of denial of suitable personalized guidance. Therefore, volumes in terms of large number of registrations is not our desired objective.

We always look for the serious student who wishes to overcome whatever handicap she may have suffered from at graduation/post graduation level in terms of inadequate exposure to the requisite academic content matching the standard of the examination aspired for.

Coaching is not about batches. It is about building up individual confidence, about holding hands and about making the aspirant bring out her latent capabilities to the fore. We teach the way university professors guide their PhD scholars. This is where our skills and our sincerity, and our commitment to the student make things different and better at Athena Multiskills. You are welcome.